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Editing team                                                                                                        

Our three-person team of editors chooses the selection of titles to be included in the Buxtehude Bull competition each year.

Specifically in spring and autumn, they examine youth literature options, while considering their (own) applications submitted for the current year of publication.

All narrative youth books published in German for the first time in the previous calendar year are included in the competition, including translations, but excluding new editions. Basis for the selection, are youth books put out by their publishers for the target groups “13 years and up” or “14 years and up”.

This year’s team of editors have been newly organized. We look forward to working together and would like to briefly introduce the three editors and their businesses:

Members of the editors’ team 2022/2023:

Tanja Drecke, owner of the “Schwarz auf Weiß”, Black on White (bookshop)

Britta Gerken, owner of the “Altstadtbuchhandlung”, Old Town Bookshop

Sarah Vogler, school librarian at the IGS Buxtehude (comprehensive school)

Buchhandlung Buxtehuder Bulle LOGO RZ


Schwarz auf Weiß - a Buxtehude Bull bookshop

The cozy Schwarz auf Weiß bookshop on Ritterstraße has been known in Buxtehude for the last fifteen years, where reading is simply a part of life there. The passionate booksellers always have at least one to five good book tips on hand, especially where customer exchange is so highly important to them.

The topic of youth readers is one that owner, Tanja Drecke, feels very connected to. So, it was only a question of a very short time that Schwarz auf Weiß became a Buxtehude Bull bookstore - which is a great pleasure. In addition, Schwarz auf Weiß created the youth reading group “Bücherdiebe (Book Thieves) for 13 years and up, which meets once a month and exchanges thoughts on books. The bookshop itself supports the youth literature award in a variety of ways:

For example, the longlist for the award is created together with the Hanseatic City of Buxtehude, the City Library, and the Old Town Bookstore Altstadtbuchhandlung. All new releases are viewed, where diversity is also considered when putting them together. Especially in terms of women, men, and other various groups, but also in terms of genres. Naturally, the criteria correspond to those of the Buxtehude Bull, so that the jury then creates the shortlist of four to eight book titles from about 80 titles on the longlist - which can, of course, all also be bought in the shop.

Additionally, the Bull bookshop, Schwarz auf Weiß, has all the award-winning books published since 1971 within the shop. The “Bull Library” can be looked at, touched, and read by anyone at any time.

Feel free to stop by the shop or, if you’re short on time, go to:

Buchhandlung Schwarz auf Weiß, Buxtehude bei genialokal - Buchhandlung

Altstadtbuchhandlung - a Buxtehude Bull bookshop

The Altstadtbuchhandlung, Old Town bookshop, in Buxtehude has been in existence for over 35 years and, since 2014, managed by owner, Britta Gerken. Appropriate book recommendations for every reading taste are as diverse as the team, where reading is not just a hobby, but rather a calling. In addition to current bestsellers and selected special features, you will also find jigsaw puzzles, many gift ideas, for example, on the topic of the "sea", or wonderful bags made from old plastic (PET) bottles.

The extensive children's and young people's book section was supplemented a few years ago with manga books. There are also many older Bull award-winning books to discover, some of which can only be bought second-hand.

Ms Gerken runs the youth book department herself, with great enthusiasm and is therefore particularly pleased to be able to help put together the selection list for the Buxtehude Bull.

Altstadt-Buchhandlung Buxtehude

Buxtehude City Library

In addition to providing media of all kinds, naturally the Buxtehude City Library promotes reading skills. But, above all, it promotes reading PLEASURE. Especially in its three secondary schools at the school center of Schulzentrum Süd, the Halepaghen grammar school and the IGS Buxtehude comprehensive school, as a "living library" (lounge, workplace, retreat, suggestion box) to be able to be especially close to youth’s reading reality and lives.

The excitement is all the greater in the continuing participation of the relaunch of the "Bull". All of the award-winning books and nominated titles from the last few years can be borrowed from the city library.


Please feel free to direct any questions about the Buxtehude Bull and related editors to:

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