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Now Is Everything

Amy Giles

Be the best. And if need be, be invisible. With this credo, Hadley McCauley has learnt how to live within her family. Perfect pupil, perfect athlete, perfect daughter: That’s the only way to keep her father happy. Because the behind the McCauley family’s spotless front lies an ugly secret. Hadley will do anything to protect her little sister, Lila, from their unpredictable father. Then Charlie Simmons walks into her life and a desperate, intensive relationship develops between them. And the violence at home escalates along with it …

German translation, from English, by Isabel Abedi, published by cbj Verlag in Munich, Germany.

Thoughts about the Book

With its quiet tone, no one is left cold with this brutally honest book!
Goslarsche Zeitung, Germany (09.10.2018)
Amy Giles has written a stirring young adult book about domestic abuse.
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger - Magazin, Germany (01.03.2019)

The Author

Amy Giles is a copywriter and has written texts for everything from breakfast cereal commercials to animated webisodes to print advertisements and fishing catalogue texts. Her true love is writing novels for young adults. She lives on an island that is long, Long Island, USA with her husband, her two teenaged daughters and their rescue dog. “Now Is Everything” is her first novel.

Isabel Abedi (Translator)

Isabel Abedi was born in Munich, Germany, grew up in Düsseldorf and, after graduating high school, worked in Los Angeles, USA. She trained as a copywriter and worked in this area for 13 years. She always wanted to write books and today she is the author of numerous successful books for children and young adults alike. She lives and works in Hamburg.