45. Buxtehuder Bulle 2015 goes to Victoria Aveyard

The Author Victoria Aveyard receives the famous Youth Book Prize “Buxtehuder Bulle“ worth of 5000 Euro for her novel “Die Farben des Blutes: Die rote Königin“, published in the "Carlsen Verlag".

buxtehuder bulle aveyard siegerentscheidung

The jury publishes the decision at the 23. August in the community center "Stieglitzhaus". The jury consists of eleven adults and eleven teenager, who are especially fall in love with this book. Victoria Aveyards novel is an exciting fantasy novel, which takes the reader in Mares world. Her world is determined by the color of the blood. Mare belongs to the red group, who has the mission to serve the silver-elite with their supernatural forces. Mare saves herself with especially skills. To avoid turmoil, Mare is engaged with the youngest prince. But the brother of the prince makes her upset. To sum up, the mix of a love story and a fantasy novel is an absorbing tale to plunge in another world.

The 26 years old author Victoria Aveyard grew up in the small town of East Longmeadow in Massachusetts in the east of USA. Later she decided to move to the west coast to study scriptwriting in Los Angeles. Her passion is to write stories about heroines, history and explosions – best all three themes together. Other famous books are "Gläsernes Schwert", band 2, "Gesang der Königin" or "Cruel Crown".

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