Procedure for the determination of the prize winner of the youth book prize BUXTEHUDE BULL

1. Book

Requirement for the participation of a youth book is

a) Fiction book
b) New publication
c) Youth and not children's book

2. Jury

The jury is composed of 11 teenagers and 11 adults. They may apply in writing or in person to the city Buxtehude (culture office or city library). Every jury participant may only participate twice in a row.

The maximum age for the youth is 17 years, the minimum age is 14. The jury is not limited to region. Interested persons from other areas are also welcome.

3. Procedure

The books in competition are available in the city library Buxtehude. Every jury member receives two books in the library respectively per mail that he/she shall return after reading. Then he/she will receive further two other books.

Many positive ratings bring a book to the finals, four negative ratings eliminate the book.

All books that reach the final level are read by all 22 jurors.

The decision about the prize-winner takes place in public in Buxtehude through counting of the previously sent-in mail votes of the jury members.

The decision is made without previous discussion. This procedure was selected in order to prevent jurors from being manipulated in their opinion at the last minute.

As soon as it is clear which youth books have reached the final level, the jurors are asked to vote which book of the final round is the best, second, third, fourth, and fifth-best. Then they send the completed vote to the city library Buxtehude on time for the determination of the prize-winner in a closed envelope.

Every vote for rank 1 wins 8 points for the book, a vote for rank 2 wins 5 points, rank 3 provides 3, rank 4 gives 2 points, and rank 5 provides 1 point.

The book which gets the most points wins.




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