In June 2011, a "BULLEvard" was installed in Buxtehude, running from Altkloster, via the station road, the Bahnhofstraße, into the town's historic centre. Thanks to Buxtehude's Stadtmarketing e. V. and several businesses, copper plaques bearing all the award-winning names and book titles were set into the paving stones for posterity, like the legendary Walk of Fame. They are not just meant to advertise the Buxtehude Bull to town inhabitants, but incidentally target outside visitors from far and wide as well.

BULLEvard Platte Lauren oliver Internet copyright Stadtmarketing buxtehude





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Tamara Ireland Stone receives “Buxtehude Bull” award

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46th Award Ceremony

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Public Readling

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46th Price Decision

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Nominees "Buxtehuder Bulle 2016"

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