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Die Lagune der Galeeren

The scene: North America in the distant future; the country of Panem is divided into 12 districts. Panem's citizens fear one time of year most: Thanksgiving, when two children between the ages of twelve and eighteen are selected from each district to participate in a reality show known as the Hunger Games – which only one is permitted to survive.
When the lot falls to twelve-year-old Prim, her older sister, Katniss, volunteers to take part for her. She and Peeta, a boy from her district, are taken to the Capitol, to fight for their lives in an arena. Peeta, however, breaks the rules of the game and saves Katniss' life ...
Are his feelings real or just feigned? Can Katniss win the game of survival?
The press
"I was obsessed by the book and couldn't put it down"
(Stephenie Meyer, prize-winner of the Buxtehude Bull in 2006)
"Young people's science fiction for the whole family, which can easily compete with the computer world, but whose narrative is obviously inspired by the regular structures of electronic media and computer games. Extremely intelligent!"
WDR, Funkhaus Europa, July 2010





Kofferaktion / Urlaub

Bullenkoffer 2017

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