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In a world, where the colour of blood decides the destiny of the people, the red-blooded Mare belongs among the commoners. The red-blooded are servants to the silver-blooded elite, with super-human powers. Her life of poverty and hard work seems predestined, but while working in the king‘s summer residence, Mare gets into danger. In front of all the elite, she unveils her unknown magical powers – those which she should not possess. In an effort to cover up the incident, Mare has to play the role of a missing silver-blood, who is engaged to the youngest prince. As fate has it, her heart belongs to his brother, heir to the throne. To help the redblooded escape from their oppression, Mare uses her  newly found position to support the beginning of the Red Rebellion. However, in the process, she not only risks her life, but also her heart.












Kofferaktion / Urlaub

Bullenkoffer 2017

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